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Keeping in contact with family and friends with a personalised touch is simple with our packs of Design It Yourself cards. Each pack contains 24 blank fronted cards ready for you or your little ones to create their own designs on. Use one of the envelopes to pop your creation inside and post to those you are thinking of most.


24 x (A6) cards from 100% recycled card + 24 recycled Kraft envelopes, including shipping costs just £7.99.

Send a Card Send a Smile

For your chance to have your design printed for real, post your cards to us on Facebook @Theimagingcentre or Twitter @Imagingcentre using the hashtag #ICSimplicityDIY


£1.00 of every order received will go to the NHS


If you would prefer to send a pre-printed handwritten card direct to the person you're thinking of, there are 100s of designs available at: https://media.theimagingcentre.co.uk/ICSD_storeFront@home.html


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